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Obviously (Superwho fic)

Title: Obviously
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Castiel, Dean Winchester
Rating: G
Setting: Nonspecific for both shows
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Eric Kripke/the CW own Supernatural and its respective elements, BBC owns Doctor Who’s
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: About 200

“No,” the Doctor said stubbornly. “The logic of the situation is all wrong. There’s no way he’s the boy’s father.”

“It was a deliberate mislead,” Castiel argued. “The guide told him his father was dead. It was implied that he meant in the spiritual sense, not the physical.”

“Implied?” snorted the Doctor. He crossed his arms, ever skeptical. “When was it implied?”

“It was obviously subtext,” the angel insisted

“Subtext? Subtext where? I didn’t see any subtext! There isn’t even a decent family resemblance! Not to mention that it’s physically impossible to biologically reproduce if your body is over 80% cybernetics, which his obviously is!” The Doctor’s arms were dangerously nearing "obtrusive-flailing" point.

“Oh, that is it!” Dean snarled, leaping from his spot in the couch, where he was sandwiched between the two. “That is the last time I ever watch Star Wars with you guys! Can you watch anything without picking it violently apart until there’s nothing left?

Fuming, he left the room. The Doctor and Castiel silently watched him go with identical curious, faintly puzzled expressions before returning their attention to the television screen.

“Obviously, Dean is having trouble accepting the existence of narrative issues within his favored form of entertainment.” Cas narrowed his eyes at Luke Skywalker.

“Obviously,” the Doctor nodded in agreement.

Tags: char: castiel, char: dean, char: eleven, fandom: doctor who, fandom: spn
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