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SPN Fic: Humans are Interesting

Title: Humans are Interesting
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Rating: PG
Setting: Sometime during S5
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters. Eric Kripke and the CW do.
Warnings: A very small sexual reference
Notes: This is my first serious attempt to write Castiel. More difficult than I thought!
Summary: Castiel thinks humans are interesting. At times he finds them intriguing, other times fascinating, and most commonly he just finds them downright infuriating. But if he had to pick one adjective and stick with it, he’d have to pick “interesting.”

Castiel thinks humans are interesting. At times he finds them intriguing, other times fascinating, and most commonly he just finds them downright infuriating. But if he had to pick one adjective and stick with it, he’d have to pick “interesting.”

He’s gotten used to weaving in and out of the Winchesters’ lives. He’s gotten used to their requests for bizarre favors (which varied, depending on the time and place, from asking him to go looking for some obscure enchanted weapon to asking if he could please, please pick up a pizza for dinner tonight). He’s even gotten used to Dean’s unprecedented mood swings and tendency to get really, ridiculously drunk at the worst possible time and for no good reason.

He’s gotten used to Sam apologetically asking him if he could find his brother and bring him back to whatever hotel room they were staying in, because Dean had apparently gone off on his own and hadn’t been back for several hours.

He’s also gotten used to hearing the boys’ rather tongue-in-cheek pleas for help. He’s gotten used to arriving to help them just in time before some demon or vampire or other dark being ripped them to shreds.

He’s gotten used to being their go-to solution for any problem they can’t figure out how to solve on their own.

But Castiel, try as he might, just hasn’t gotten used to everything about humans.

So instead, he just finds them interesting.

He finds sleeping interesting. Angels never need to sleep but humans apparently do (which makes sense, since sleeping is such an obviously, unbearably human activity. Castiel privately thinks that God must have invented sleep purely for the humans’ benefit, and the other animals just saw how nice it looked and joined in). The Winchesters waste so much time sleeping, Cas thinks that it’s a wonder they manage to get anything done. He’s visited those boys so much that, by now, he wouldn’t call it “visiting” anymore (he’s got a to-do list now, and the first thing on that list is the task of finding a word appropriate for his relationship with the Winchesters), but nearly half the times he’s been there, one or both of them have been asleep. Sometimes they wake instantly when he drops in and sometimes they sleep on, blissfully unaware of the angel (does that make him their guardian angel? Cas wonders) watching them curiously from across the room.

Castiel finds the attraction between humans interesting, especially since there appear to be so many types. There’s the attraction between Sam and Dean, which is purely platonic and brotherly and just as loaded with anger and annoyance as it is with love and care. There’s the attraction between Dean (and less commonly, Sam) and the women he sometimes brings back to the hotel room (which, after the first time Castiel mistakenly visited in the middle of their “activities,” Dean pleaded that he never do that again), even though that attraction seems somehow – what’s the word? – cheaper (the word didn’t quite fit, but Castiel thought it applied) than the bond between, say, a married couple.

Castiel finds human impatience interesting. When he doesn’t check in for a few days, the Winchesters get worried. When he doesn’t visit immediately after they call him, the Winchesters get annoyed. When he doesn’t visit for days after they’ve called him, the Winchesters get angry. When something isn’t getting done quick enough, the Winchesters feel unproductive and grow frustrated as a result. Sometimes they get frustrated with themselves and sometimes with him, but it doesn’t really matter which, because either way they start yelling at each other and sometimes they yell at him, too. Sometimes they break things.

Apparently, Castiel surmises, impatience breeds anger.

Castiel finds human humor interesting. Dean laughs at strange things, especially if he’s drunk or hasn’t slept in a while. Sam doesn’t laugh quite as much and the things he laughs at make slightly more sense, but sometimes he joins in when Dean starts laughing at one or more of his strange things that somehow inspire humor. Sometimes they laugh at each other (which always surprises Castiel, since he would expect them to get angry at that). A few times Dean laughed at him, but he didn’t know what to think of that, back then. Come to think of it, he still doesn’t.

Castiel finds the Winchester’s words for things interesting. This is less of a human characteristic and more of just a Winchester one. They pick odd words to refer to things, such as calling Bobby “family” even though they are very clearly not blood-related. Once they called Castiel “family,” which makes even less sense, seeing as Cas isn’t even human. It feels nice that they include him, however, even if he never thought “family” was a “build-your-own” kind of concept.

He still doesn’t quite understand humans. But now Castiel thinks he understands what God meant when he called them his greatest creation.

Tags: char: castiel, char: dean, char: sam, fandom: spn, fic type: gen, fic type: one shot
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